Governance Structure

Pearson College London has a robust tri-partite governance structure comprising a Governing Body, Academic Board, and the Executive Team and their sub-committees. It is through this structure and the policies and procedures of the College, and its validating university, that we are run. 

Governing body structure

The Governing Body has ultimate accountability for the College’s activities and is formed of the Directors of Pearson College Limited.

The Academic Board is the academic authority of the College for all academic matters. This includes oversight of academic management, maintenance and enhancement of academic quality and standards, provision of appropriate learning opportunities for students and the encouragement of a thriving community of scholarship, professionalism and research appropriate to the College’s mission, and it has the responsibility of taking suitable measures and action to secure and promote these.

The purpose of the Executive Team is to develop, lead on and implement the mission and strategic plan for the College. Its responsibilities include leadership, operational planning and management, risk management, financial planning, resource planning and management, managing stakeholder relationships (including industry partners) and legal obligations. The Executive Team works with the Governing Body to set the College’s strategy.

The Academic Board and Executive Team are supported by sub-committees which each have staff and student representation:

  • The Review and Enhancement Committee monitors academic standards according to applicable external and internal regulatory frameworks and, reviews and makes recommendations for enhancement and improvement in relation to academic quality and the provision of appropriate learning opportunities for students.
  • The Research, Scholarship and Innovation Committee promotes a thriving, cohesive and ethical community of scholarship, professionalism and research within the College, appropriate to the College’s mission.
  • School Boards discuss, monitor and review the strategic direction, management and operations of the School and provide a forum for recommendations for the College
  • The Student Safeguarding and Wellbeing Committee oversees the processes, services, policies and procedures which promote and safeguard the welfare and wellbeing of Pearson College students, and of children, young people and adults at risk who interact with Pearson College staff and students
  • The Admissions, Progression, Retention and Achievement Committee monitors academic standards and monitors and reviews the admission of students and their progression and attainment at the College, making recommendations for enhancement and improvement to College strategies, policies, processes and procedures as appropriate.
  • The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee works to address disparities in access, success, progression and student experience affecting under-represented groups.
  • The Student Voice Forum is a forum in which learners and staff can communicate and exchange feedback about all aspects of Pearson College including the programme, facilities and student welfare. The SVF is made up of Staff members and Student Experience Associates and deals with concerns at a local level and also feeds into other committees as appropriate.