Pearson College London Mission Statement

Our mission is to become one of the UK's leading universities for in-depth industry engagement which helps our students develop the knowledge, intellectual capacity and professional experience they need for their long term careers. Our courses are designed to be academically demanding, industry informed, and to inspire students with a real interest in how their chosen discipline plays a role in the modern professional world.

Pearson College London Values

Student centred – We put our students first and keep their interests at the centre of our thinking. Our aim is to do all we can to give our students every opportunity to develop a strong foundation for their future, and to include them in the design, delivery and enhancement of their degrees.

Engaged – We fully engage with and treat as equally important the input of students, industry and academics as we believe they all have a key role to play in the design and delivery and ongoing improvement of programmes and the student experience.

Career-focused – A university education undoubtedly cultivates the mind, broadens interest and awareness, and develops critical thinking – but for most students the ultimate outcome is a foundation for a successful career and therefore a sophisticated understanding of the professional world is also an essential component we embed into the student experience.

Global – These days no place is an island – even when it is. It is important that students understand the role of the UK and their discipline in an international context and as Pearson is truly global with university and corporate relationships all over the world we are committed to ensuring our students are given the opportunity to develop this.

Integrity - A university education is not just about individual careers or the joy of learning, it is also about preparing to play a role as citizens of a complex world. To engage with that world, to help solve problems and forge relationships, to understand other points of view, all this requires integrity, creativity and the ability and willingness to take responsibility and we embed this into our approach at Pearson College London.

Blue speech marks

We don’t think learning begins and ends in the classroom, or in the pages of a textbook. That’s why you’ll learn immersed in the real world of work.

Dr Roxanne Stockwell, Principal of Pearson College London