Paloma Shakouri

Paloma's journey with Pearson College London started in 2014 as a student on the BSc(Hons) Business and Enterprise degree course. Having become immediately on board with the vision for Pearson College London, Paloma proudly worked as an Ambassador, working closely with the recruitment department; a representative at internal and external events, presentations and and an author of articles detailing Industry Events at the HQ of Unilever, IBM and Pearson Plc to name a few. In the second year, Paloma co-founded a company with two others through the Commercial Enterprise programme. Having fully immersed herself in all aspects of Pearson College London life, from academia to the extra-curricular, Paloma received the award for the 'Most Active Industry Engagement' and achieved First Class Honours for her degree.

Paloma is delighted to be continuing the journey with Pearson College London in the Student Recruitment Team. Encompassing all her previous experience, knowledge and passion; her role involves delivering strategy, including planning and delivering workshops, attending events, managing the schools and colleges interactions database and now co-manages a team of Student Ambassadors.