Why choose Pearson College London

Hand in hand with industry experts, we create truly unique graduates with degrees and learnings that matter today, and tomorrow. We believe people are this world's greatest natural resource. People power industry, industry fuels innovation, and innovation drives progress - empowered people change the world.

We constantly find new ways to design, develop and deliver courses and curriculum, hand in hand with industry leaders, academic experts and students, to create truly unique graduates; graduates who are well read, road tested and ready for tomorrow's world, today.

The only FTSE 100 education

Pearson College London launched in 2012 and as part of Pearson, we’re the only FTSE 100 company delivering degrees in the UK. We're expert at designing and delivering degrees relevant to the real world, so our students graduate with the skills and experience they need to get hired, and the determination to get ahead.

As a FTSE 100 company we have an inherent understanding of the modern business environment and employer needs. Staying true to our vision of the future means learning from the past, embracing the present, and anticipating the future. We achieve this by working closely with pioneering industry leaders who can help us shape the learning, and the futures, of our students.

Publisher, author, examiner

We’re not just any FTSE 100 company. Pearson PLC is a global publishing and education company headquartered in London. It is the largest education company and the largest book publisher in the world. As specialists in education, we work with an enviable range of highly respected academics, with an academic heritage dating back over 150 years. Both the industry and academic perspectives are in our DNA, making us unique within Higher Education.

Classroom to boardroom course delivery: a new way to learn

Our commitment to academia and industry is most prevalent in our course delivery. Our students don’t just learn about their area of study, they gain experience from, and get access to, the best of the best in their chosen field both in the classroom and in our partner companies - it’s the only way to learn.

Our industry and employer partners include:

  • Unilever
  • Direct Line Group
  • Salesforce
  • Savills
  • Twinings

And a range of visual effects (VFX) studios such as:

  • The Mill
  • Framestore
  • BlueBolt
  • MPC
  • Glassworks

Employability and guaranteed internships

We leverage our industry partnerships to ensure our students have every opportunity to put their learning directly into practice during, and after, their time at Pearson College London.

We know how important internships are, so all our full-time Business School students are guaranteed at least one internship as part of their studies, subject to academic performance. This helps them to improve their CV and confidence, put their learning into practice, explore their career options, build great contacts and improve their prospects. We’re here to help our students do more than just graduate.

Our students get one-to-one careers coaching, support, guaranteed internships, company-based mentors, advice and feedback from their very first day.

Academic and industry validated

We received the highest possible rating for the quality of our education in the last Quality Assurance Assessment (QAA).

Academia and industry stand together, shoulder to shoulder, as champions of the rigour and engagement required to ensure our graduates are ready for the world of work.

Our degrees place equal emphasis on academic rigour and employer engagement ensuring our graduates are ready for the world of work. We work with leading employers and industry to create degrees that respond to their needs.

Academic quality is of paramount importance to us – that’s why our Business and Enterprise degrees are validated by Royal Holloway and Bedford New College – a traditional red brick university recently ranked in the top 1% of all Universities in the World by the Times Higher University World Rankings. Our Business Management degree programmes are validated by Ashridge, the world-leading Business School, and our BA/MArt integrated masters programmes in visual effects, games and animation are validated by the University of Kent. Our partnerships address the gap between graduate skills and industry needs, offering a suite of innovative and industry connected undergraduate programmes.

Many of our courses are accredited or developed alongside the industry's leading professional bodies. Here are just some of our affiliations:

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Academics who can, practitioners who do

Our students learn from leading academics and industry professionals at the top of their game. Our enterprising academics are actively involved in industry, so they mentor our students too, and give them a real insight into their chosen career or sector.

Hailing from some of the best education institutions and most successful businesses and organisations in the UK and the world, our teachers have not only been behind some of the best new talent in their field, but have an impressive array of achievements from the time practicing what they preach.

Our teaching content is built around intelligence we gather from employers, current trends and the College’s highly applied and personalised approach. This way we always know what employers are looking for.

In addition to lectures and seminars, students also attend a range of workshops and industry days which are delivered by our industry partners such as ATOS, L’Oreal, Merril Lynch and NBC News. This ensures our students have the practical application for theoretical study, gets them thinking creatively, and means that our students make connections and have contacts they can call upon in the future.

Alumni achievement: supporting students long after graduation

Our alumni have worked with some of the most famous companies in the world. The results are examples of excellence that will stand the test of time and will be used to teach future graduates what success looks like. 80% of Escapees have gone on to work in their chosen area of study.

Upon completing their course our students automatically become members of the Pearson College Alumni Association, an exclusive community. The Pearson College Alumni Association offers a unique worldwide network of past students and a range of alumni benefits that draw on the College's resources – throughout the year alumni receive invitations to free events and reunions, professional networking and continued career support.

Business minded admissions and assessment

We assess potential students on the merit of their academic achievement, the value of their experience AND their ambitions through an interview and assessment process that borrows from the old, the new, and the future. We’re looking for students with lots of ability and a real passion for their chosen subject. We consider every application on its individual merits and we’re happy to consider a wide range of academic, vocational and professional qualifications, as well as work and life experience. We therefore offer assessment-based entry to assess each student’s potential to succeed on their chosen course. Once a student has made an application we invite them to sit an interview and carry out some assessments at anApplicant Day. The assessments vary, depending on the chosen discipline, but they may include evaluation of the student’s personal portfolio, a creative assignment, an online Critical Thinking test, a Core Abilities test and an essay on a subject relevant to the chosen degree.

Student led

We are as serious about our student’s futures as we are about our future students. Our students are the focus and the fuel for everything we do. They inspire the innovation and creativity at the heart of all we teach today and how we will teach tomorrow. Our students get the chance to talk to us regularly, face-to-face and one-to-one, and their studies evolve around what they want to achieve.

About us

Pearson College London is one of the most exciting areas of our company and will play an important part in Pearson's success in the UK. It demonstrates many of the qualities that matter most across our business - a focus on learners, innovative approaches that improve student outcomes, and a desire to link education to employability.

John Fallon, Chief Executive of Pearson

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Validated by University of Kent