Thinking of a career in business, accounting or law?

Brand management? Investment Banking? Chartered Legal Executive? Marketing?

Find a fulfilling career that makes you happy. Find where your values meet your talents. You have a long time to spend in your chosen career so spend an hour or two on our free careers guide, and work out what to do with it. 

Our guide has been designed with people like you in mind. We know you’ll have lots of questions and there are probably far more options open to you than you think. There are no hard and fast rules about what it takes to follow a career in these areas but with the correct skills, qualities and motivation, it can be a rewarding experience. You deserve a career you will love. 

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Guaranteed Internships

Here at Pearson Business School, part of Pearson College London, we're here to help you do more than just graduate. We know how important internships are, so all our full-time students are guaranteed at least one internship as part of their studies, subject to academic performance.

We have close relationships with an impressive range of industry partners which means you will be able to gain skills which help you to graduate ready for the world of work.

Pearson Business School is in the heart of London and we are based in both Holborn and Strand. We are at the doorstep of industry giants such as Unilever and IBM who we are proud to call our industry partners.

Career Development

You'll not only be studying, you will also get individual career coaching throughout your degree, helping you develop the specific skills and experience you need for the job you want. Best of all, we'll always be here to give you one-to-one support, advice and feedback, to help you realise your ambitions, even after you graduate.

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Careers Webinar

Are you career ready? Frances Trought, Head of Student Talent Development, knows a thing or two about employability skills, and standing out from the crowd. Frances discusses “employability" in a series of webinars; in this session she chats about 'Why Employability Matters'. Check back for the next installment, it'll be available here shortly!

Exploring your future career opportunities? Vincent Karremans, the founder of gives us an overview of his life after university, exploring what career opportunities are out there and how you can make getting a first job a lot easier.