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The Future of intrapreneurship is talent

bubl is a unique hybrid of corporate venture and talent development programmes for large companies. We build bespoke start-ups aimed at the future of your sector which are run by teams comprising of:

1. Your current talent who are looking to develop and show what they can do.

2. Future talent from diverse backgrounds looking to build their skills, acumen and experience to impress you.

3. An innovative Higher Education Provider, part of a FTSE 100 company with vast commerical experience and a large network of entrepreneurs, academics and experts.

These bubl start-ups belong to you but operate from the protective bubble of our intrepreneurship playground, based inside our Central London campus.

Benefits of bubl for your business

  • Develop commercial IP in an area of your choice. Access to a majority equity stake in the bubl start-up with clear exit options to match your timescales.
  • Access to grant funding. Through a Higher Education Provider to help partly subsidise the venture*
  • Future talent integration. For your business to build relationships with future graduate talent from diverse backgrounds.
  • A transformative talent development programme. That provides deeper insight into the performance of your people and teams.
  • Enhanced data driven insight. Into the future of your industry.

*subject to successfully meeting criteria of grant awarding bodies.

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"We've had an amazing time being part of the incubator. The office space has been invaluable as a core base for our team who are relatively widespread, we've had 4 hard-working interns join us who brought very interesting perspectives to the conversations we have internally and Arnold's advice around startup funding has given us the confidence we needed to pursue the next phase of financial support. Being part of the incubator has enabled us to grow our team and turnover - both of which have doubled since we joined."

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Bubl Services

1. Opportunity mining - a bespoke data-centric approach to quickly establish sector insight and opportunities for potential new start-ups that are relevant to your long term strategy.

2. Performance insight and upskilling -receive detailed insight about the performance of both your current and future talent teams to help create a high performing culture and develop future skills that your business needs.

3. Talent factory - together we build the right team for your bubl start-up, bringing together your people with experts, entrepreneurs and future talent.

4. Bubl playground - we mentor the team through the process to build and run the bubl start-up with access to our resources at our Central London premises.

Get in Touch

To arrange a meeting to discuss how Bubl can help your business please contact:

0203 441 1303