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Bubl is an inclusive live work experience platform that provides authentic workplace experience to students, prospective students and academics in the digital world.

Bubl enables students to:

  • Upskill through workplace learning to build a portfolio of professional capabilities.
  • Test out and access a range of careers in real workplace environments without the need for a visa or travel.
  • Receive skills assessment scores and feedback through the training challenges on the platform.
  • Build meaningful and collaborative relationships with real companies.
  • Showcase their talent and potential to future employers.

Bubl provides a range of bespoke workplace-focused training programmes, internships, placements, and student recruitment/outreach services for universities, schools and colleges around the world.

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UK Internship programme for Higher National Diploma (HND) learners

Gain real work experience, build your professional network, and boost your CV through our innovative employability platform (Bubl).

  • This programme is for students at selected international HN centres starting their studies from 2021 onwards.
  • Interact with a range of international companies and UK entrepreneurs through authentic work projects.
  • It's fully online - no visa or travel required.
  • Start date: April and September
Group of students outside Lloyds of London building