Here you will find a number of resources to support your learning and professional development through the Bubl Virtual Work Experience Programme. 


Led by Sacha Clark, Reformed Corporate Marketeer and LinkedIn Mentor.

Hear from the experts their take on what Intrapreneurship means for businesses.

Top tips for Business students from David Horne, Entrepreneur.

Top tips for Business students from Mae Yip, Entrepreneur.

Top tips for Business students from Arnold Du Toit, Intrapreneur.

Insights from the industry

Hear from William Good, x title at x company, as he talks about xyz

Industry insights with Pearson College London alumni who went on to work at Sainsbury's and Satalia after graduating.

Rob Brooks, Apprenticeship Relationship Manager, gives tips and advice, speaks about opportunities within the NHS, and the impact of Covid-19 on the workforce.

Hear networking advice from guest speakers from the likes of Framestore and Access VFX.

Part two of Networking tips and advice from the Industry.

Making an impact online