Call our Clearing hotline
on 0203 4324 887

We have limited places available on our VFX, Game Art and Computer Animation degrees starting this September. To secure your place at Escape Studios call 0203 4324 887.

Clearing entry tariff

All applicants need to attend and pass a Creative Workshop, which includes showing us your portfolio. We're holding a number of workshops for Clearing applicants so apply today via UCAS or call our Clearing hotline on 0203 4324 887. Find out more about Creative Workshops

We’ve been leading the way in education for the creative industries for over 15 years. We work directly with creative professionals and some of the world’s biggest studios to design and deliver our courses, ensuring all our students leave studio ready. Decide if we're the right choice for you by calling our Clearing hotline.

Industry partners

We boast an impressive list of industry partners including Framestore, The Mill, Double Negative, Creative Assembly and JellyFish Pictures.

Industry trained tutors

Our tutors have worked in the industry. They teach real-world tips and tricks learnt from on-the-job experience.

Successful alumni

Our thousands of alumni have worked on everything from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Oscar winning The Jungle Book.

Each year thousands of students find the right university course through Clearing so don’t feel like you’re alone in this. Here’s the essential information you need to help you make a decision that’s right for you. If you have any questions please get in touch - we’re always here to help.

Call our Clearing hotline on 0203 4324 887

Who can apply?

If you are exploring your options around results day this year, you can still make an application in time to start this September.

Entry requirements

In order to get a place on one of our courses, you must pass a Creative Workshop.

The process:

Apply through UCAS. If you already have a UCAS application, your status will appear in your track page with your Clearing number, which you need when calling us. You can then 'add a Clearing choice' on your exisiting application. If you are applying for the first time you will still need to register and make an application on UCAS.

Call us on 0203 4324 887 and check our Clearing 2018 availability. We'll be able to talk you through the next steps in the process.

Visit us. You'll then be invited to a Creative Workshop to assess your suitability for the course, see our facilities and meet tutors, staff and other potential students.

Once you've applied you'll also be invited to attend a Professional Workshop to gain a fee waiver.

If you're holding an offer and want some information about what's next, please go to what to expect.

Our undergraduate tuition fees are £9,250 per year.

All applicants who pass a Creative Workshop will be offered a partial fee waiver.

This means that our students graduate with just 70% of the level of student debt when compared to the average debt held by a graduating student from a Public Provider.

We have a number of places secured with our recommended student accommodation provider, Tufnell House, for students going through Clearing and looking to live in student accommodation.

We also try to ensure that Pearson College London students are placed together at their chosen accommodation provider where possible so you'll get to know your peers before you start your course.

Check out our accommodation page

Here's how to get the most out of clearing:

Research, research and more research

Clearing is a bit like going shopping in a busy supermarket that only sells potential career directions. It's best to do your research first! Check out the clearing lists on UCAS Search.

Speak to your teachers, family and friends (they may have bright ideas you hadn't thought of).

Visit university websites and check out their social media, do they look like the place you could be living and studying?

Be bold and pick up the phone

Once you're happy with your research, make the all-important phone calls to universities. Be bold; this is your chance to ask the well-researched questions that give you a better understanding about what the degree can offer you. Ask the University what the modules, projects and industry connections are? Why not see if you can book a visit to the University to see what it's really like? Set a good impression and be ready to answer any questions they may ask you (have all your details to hand). Enthusiasm sells. Approach universities and colleges with a positive and confident approach: you’re also selling your potential to be their next top-notch student.

Start your path to success

Clearing gives you another chance to find a new route that may suit you better! Always remember your motivations, question whether the degree will set you on your career path. Degrees are launch pads into your future career, make sure your chosen degree will give you everything you need to reach your aspirations.