Deep Compositing series

Going Deeper with Nuke

Over the course of this weekly tutorial series, Simon Richardson a former Escapee, then tutor and now compositor at Weta Digital give you an introduction to the Deep Compositing pipeline and how that works within the Nuke environment.

First you will cover the basics. When to use deep compositing, what are depth passes and deep passes, and how to create holdouts.

After that you’ll move on to an example composite, produced at Escape Studios, involving a 3D landscape, two 3D mechs and some green-screened human footage which are all combined to make one great looking scene.

Due to the large size of the files involved, we have provided parts of the footage involved and explain how you can fix issues with the CG environment, creating the fake sky, manipulating cameras in 3D space, and, finally, showing the final script for the full composite.


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