Information for Careers Advisors

Your students have shown interest in getting into the creative industries, what can you do to help?

If your students are passionate and interested in a career in VFX, animation or game art then we recommend attending one of our undergraduate taster days. The day will give them an insight into what it’s like working at a studio and also help answer some (if not all) of their questions. After this they can decide which route they want to go down and take the necessary steps to get there.

Next steps

They will need to obtain a degree in the subject they want to pursue a career in - VFX, Animation, Motion Graphics, Game Art. But a degree is by no means the only route. Many companies offer Internship placements and Apprenticeships and entry-level Runner positions.

Lots of VFX and games studios offer students internships and work experience.

Here are some of the internship opportunities creative studios offer students:

Other great websites you can go to to learn more about the Creative Industries:

If you get in touch with some of the companies above they may be able to send you a mentor or speaker to help offer honest advice and knowledge about the industry.

Useful resources

Other great resources for information about the industry can be found below and downloaded for free. Careers Guide is a great starting point. You can find out more about some of the careers available within the VFX, Animation, Motion Graphics and Games industries and what it takes to break into the industry. You can also check out our Portfolio Guide and Showreel guide (Reel Talk).

Creative Events

The creative industries is one of the most exciting and interesting industries to be apart of and there are always lots of events going on. There is usually talks, workshops, panels, demonstrations and insights into some of the biggest films, games and TV shows. Here are a few we recommend.