Information for parents

What is Visual Effects (VFX)?

Sometimes scenes or assets are too expensive or impossible to create on set so we have to use Visual Effects. VFX is the creation of images or assets that can be used for film, TV, animation and games. 

Choosing a creative career

The creative industries are among the fastest growing industries in the UK and if your child chooses a creative career, there is plently of support that will help with your child's academic progress and prepare them for their career. 

How to get into the creative industry

There is no set path into the VFX, games and animation industry, but a good place to start is to learn the software and skills the industry is after. You could do this by getting a degree, taking a short course or maybe teach yourself. But as a lot of the work may be in countries where you need a visa, having a degree will help if you are looking to relocate to places like Canada or the USA.

Going to University to study a VFX related degree is the most common route into the industry, but it is by no means the only one. Many companies offer Internship placements and Apprenticeships and entry-level Runner positions.

They need to be sure that this career is for them and be passionate about the subject. The hours are long and it is often a very fast paced environment so they need to make sure they are reliable and can work well in a team and under pressure. The most important thing you need to have is a good showreel. You can get showreel advice from our free guide, Reel Talk. And never stop learning as there are always new software and skills to be learnt.

Other tips and advice

If your child wants to get into the creative industries here are our top tips to help your child get ready for a creative degree:

  • Start practicing on Photoshop (try new skills which you can use in your portfolio and talk about at a Creative Workshop).
  • As lots of degrees in the Creative Industries comprise of group work, taking opportunities to demonstrate this in school/college or through extra curricular activities are great examples to include in your Personal Statement.
  • Practice with the software used on the courses (which often have free versions for students) such as
  • Look out for sessions outside of school, such as Taster Days or the National Saturday Club
  • Free tutorials - you can easily find these on the internet and on channels such as YouTube. Check out our youtube channel.
  • Attending events such as The VFX Festival, EGX, BAR’s, Annecy will help you get an idea of what the industry is like and meet people in the industry who will be able to share their experiences and offer advice.

If you need more advice and information you can download our Portfolio Guide, Careers Guide and Reel Talk (showreel guide).

What types of roles are there?

Here is a list of the potential jobs open to you within the VFX, Games and Animation industry.

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After the students finish their degree many studios offer internships and work experience, you just have to know where to look. Here are some of the internship opportunities creative studios offer students:

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