Information for prospective students

The creative industries is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, so you’ve picked the perfect time to start your career!  You may already know which direction you want to go in, or you may be still making up your mind. Either way, don’t worry as we’ve got all the information you need.

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Top tips for students and graduates

  • Perfect your showreel / portfolio - First things first. Showreel. You need to make sure your showreel is complete and up to a standard that will impress studios and the recruiters. Our free showreel guide, Reel Talk gives you everything you need to perfect your showreel and get noticed. Make sure you get feedback on your reel and tailor the content to the studio and job (or internship) you're applying for.
  • Network - make sure you’re attending events that the creative industries has to offer. This will give you a chance to be noticed and learn even more about the industry.
  • Attend as many specialised events as you can. e.g. The VFX Festival, EGX, Annecy, B’Ars and speak to the studio recruiters.
  • Set up a LinkedIn portfolio and connect with Talent Managers from the studios you want to work for.

Here's a list of the potential jobs open to you within the VFX, Games and Animation industries.

Information for graduates

Congratulations, you’ve graduated with a degree... what's next?

Now you know what roles are out there it’s time to start applying for them! Here are some great websites to start looking for jobs and find out more information:

Hear what our graduates have to say

"First piece of advice, and the most crucial is, decide what role it is that you want to do. Whether it's Character Artist, or Environment Artist, make sure it's one that you enjoy the most.  If you know what you want to do, and you have artists that you aspire to, then look up their work. Look at their portfolios. Your goal is to either match, or exceed that. Standing out is key if you want to go far in the industry and if you can produce work as good as the veterans, you will have no problems finding a job."

Adam Esat, Video Games Art Production (12 weeks) 

"My advice would be to find out what the current softwares are in use in your area and learn enough to put a reel together with a couple of strong examples. By showing what you can do with the software that is currently in use, it will be easier for your level to be evaluated."

Laura Macfayden, 3D Foundation (part-time)