Online Professional Workshop - Interview

Please follow the instructions below to book your interview:

1. Visit the interview platform here
2. Select your chosen subject and course from the drop-down menu at the top of the page
3. Select the tutor with whom you'd like the interview
4. Enter your Pearson College ID (please refer to your email invite from the Admissions team)
5. Register an account with an email and telephone number

Top tips for the interview

●      Pace yourself: watch the pace of your voice during the interview - it’s normal to talk quicker than normal when we’re nervous, so bear this in mind and remember to slow down if you catch yourself talking too quickly. Additionally, don’t be afraid to pause to think about your answers. 

●      Confidence: although you might be feeling nervous, we already think you could be a great fit for the course, which is why we want to interview you! So be confident and don’t be afraid to show off your knowledge. 

●      Listen: really listen to what the tutor is asking you to ensure you answer appropriately. Don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat something if you mishear or don’t understand completely.

●      Ask questions: prepare a couple of questions to ask in the interview. It’s a great way to show your interest in Pearson Business School and to get more information about the course.

●      Prepare your technology: ensure your device is fully charged, has good reception or wifi signal, there is minimal background noise and you have a backup plan (even if it’s just having our number saved so you can give us a call to let us know the problem). 

●      Enjoy yourself: the interview is just as important for you as it’s a chance to ask questions about the College and gather more information before you complete the Professional Workshop. 


What will I be asked during the interview?

How long will the interview last?

When will I receive the call?