Online Advanced Workshop - Core Abilities Test

If you are a Degree Apprenticeship applicant you may have already completed this test as we sometimes send it out in advance by email. In this case, you do not need to complete it again.

Key information

The Core Abilities test measures an individual's verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills - the building blocks for success in any career. The score provides recruiters insight into someone's ability to learn and perform on the job.

  • The Core Abilities test is 15 minutes long (a timer will appear when the test begins) and contains practice questions followed by 6x Verbal, 7x Numerical and 7x Abstract Reasoning questions.
  • You may use pen and paper to assist your working out, but please refrain from using a calculator.
  • If you have an additional learning need and are usually provided with additional time in examinations, please contact including proof of your learning needs and we can accommodate this for you.
  • Once you have registered you must complete the test in the same session, so please ensure that you are in a suitable setting to complete the test and that your device is fully charged before you start.
  • You will be asked some general questions about yourself at the start and some equal opportunities questions at the end. There are ‘prefer not to say’ options if you do not wish to provide the information or you feel it is not applicable.