Unreal Pick and Mix: A Two Week Programme for Film and High End Television Professionals

The ability to create and visualise 3D computer imagery in real time has vast repercussions for the way filmmakers, VFX artists, animators, graphic artists, film directors and producers work. The possibilities offered by physical sets augmented with CGI will demand new skills of cinematographers, animators, artists, directors and commissioners alike. That’s where Unreal Engine fits in (a game engine developed by Epic Games (creators of Fortnite). Our team at Escape Studios (the UK's only Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center) has created a series of short training courses in Unreal Engine as we want to ensure that skills in real-time production are spread across the UK, to help fuel the UK’s media industries and the individuals who work in it.

About The Unreal Pick and Mix

The Unreal Pick and Mix is a two week programme designed to give those working in the Film and TV industries a 'zero-to-hero' platform to make the move into real-time visualisation and virtual production, prioritising furloughed and freelance professionals. We are prioritising beginners who can take the complete programme, but for film and tv professionals already involved in Unreal Engine, we recommend up-skilling by choosing from stand-alone days during the two weeks; a timely way to add the particular skills you need. 

Course specifications

Below are downloadable course specifications. If you plan to sign up for the complete programme, take a read through the Complete 10 Day Overview. For a more in-depth breakdown of each course, and if you want to add specific skills to your existing repertoire, download the individual components.

Escape Studios
  • Location: Online
  • Course dates: 15th - 26th March
  • Price: Free for freelancers and furloughed workers. Small fee for sole traders and micro-SMEs.

This programme is supported by the ScreenSkills Film Skills Fund with contributions from UK film productions and by the ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund with contributions from UK high-end TV productions.

Applications for this course are now closed. For any enquiries or to know about potential future intakes, please contact admissions@escapestudios.com.

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