What to expect for new students starting in 2018


We're thrilled to be your firm choice in UCAS and can't wait to see you again this September. 

The information below will help you find out more about confirmation, enrolment, induction (and the all important freshers week) and we'll be updating it over the next few months with links to purchase freshers tickets, downloadable packing tips and more!

PCSA / Freshers Week

Get freshers information and buy your event tickets on the PCSA Facebook page

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Tuesday 11th September - Pearson Business School
Wednesday 12th September - Escape Studios

What to pack

Moving into Student Halls? Check out these top tips on what to pack.

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Get to know the best spots in London before you move to the City!

Frequently asked questions


What happens when I get my results?

What if I don't get the UCAS points I need?

I am a non-UK student. What happens if I don't gain the English language score (eg IELTS or TOEFL) I need?

Soon after your place is confirmed, we'll email you about enrolment and induction.


How do I enrol?


When is induction?

Where will I be studying?

When does term start?


When will I receive my timetable?

TFL Student Oyster

When can I get my oyster card?

Student Central

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