Creative Workshops

After submitting an application through UCAS, all suitable candidates are invited to attend a creative workshop by email. It's an introductory session that helps us decide if we're right for each other. You'll get the chance to meet some of our awesome tutors and your future classmates, while we get the chance to meet you and see how you work in a team. It's win-win!

What to expect

  • Team exercise - working in the creative industries is a team sport, so this is a great opportunity for you to show us how much of a team player you are! We'll be looking to see how you respond to feedback, work with your team to a creative brief and how you present your ideas back to the group. This task is designed based on how projects are developed in a real studio.
  • 10-minute technical breakdown (BSc/MSci applicants only) - a short group discussion based around the effects, mechanics or animation in your favourite film/video game/TV series. We suggest you present your ideas in slides with images. We're really interested in how you think about things and where your passions are.
  • Portfolio review (BA/MArt applicants only) - in small groups with other applicants, you'll be invited to talk for 5-10 minutes one of our tutors through your portfolio, so we can understand how you work. This is quite informal, but it is your chance to really show off your creative skills and talk us through the work you're really proud of.
  • Get in the running for a scholarship (BA/MArt applicants only) - every portfolio we see will be considered for one of our full-fee scholarships. Our Admissions Team will let you know after you complete your workshop if your portfolio has made the longlist.
  • Take a tour of our campus - great to get to know the campus if you haven't yet visited us yet!

Assistance with travel expenses

We know that for some, the cost of attending our admissions workshops can be a worry. If you need help, we'll be there.

If you are a UK-based student for fee purposes, you might be eligible for us to cover the cost of your attendance through a travel bursary.

Create something spectacular - undergraduate creative portfolio guide

Creative Portfolio Guide

Download our handy guide with tips from our tutors on what to include in a creative portfolio for our arts courses.

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