Pete Ridgway is a graduate of Bournemouth University where he studied Computer animation and Visualisation, graduating with a 1st class (Hons) Degree in 2001. From there he joined Sony Cambridge working on various PS2 games as and Environment Artist. During his time at Sony, Pete started to develop tools in Maya for the rest of the artists. This quickly escalated in to creating Character Rigs, Optimisation Tools, Spherical Harmonic lighting Editors, Shader tools etc...

Pete also started to get heavily involved in the rendering and memory management of the content, and quickly became somewhat addicted to ensuring the game ran in frame and had enough memory. After an amazing 5+ years at Sony he moved to Codemasters in Leamington Spa, working on the racing titles and eventually across all games in development. He initially joined as the Lead Environment Artist but quickly began falling into what was becoming the Technical Art discipline, working closely with the programmers on pipeline tools, rendering features and performance tracking.

Over his time at Codemasters he started to move into a more strategic role, looking at future technology and bringing all the studios workflows into alignment. After 6 great years at Codemasters he moved to Rare, just as the Next console platforms were coming into fruition. Pete has now been at Rare for over 4 years, absorbing the wonderful culture and heritage of the studio. In his current role as Technical Art Director for Rare, he helps drive the content pipelines, the tools and techniques we use and the final quality of the images on the screen.

Pete is still as enthusiastic for making games as the first day he started work. Pete loves the technical artist role, the combination of programming and art, the constant refinement of existing techniques and the blue-sky appeal of new challenges are what makes him tick.

Pete Ridgway