We welcome all our graduating students into our Escapee Alumni, a vibrant, well-connected, global community of over 4,000 Escapees (our alumni), working throughout the VFX, games and animation industry. Bonded by a passion for VFX and your Escape Studios experience, our alumni are highly respected creative professionals and continue to socialise, network and collaborate as their individual careers grow. You’ll find Escapees in many of the world’s top VFX studios, behind many Oscar and BAFTA-nominated films, 100s of award-winning films and television shows and 1,000s of award-winning commercials. Why not inspire yourself by reading some of our amazing alumni success stories and get ready to follow in their footsteps!

Student showreels

What we offer after your course

Escape Studios Aftercare Support

All our short courses are strongly vocational, designed to give you a professional studio experience and train you to the latest industry standards, so you’ll start developing your career from day one. We also offer a full package of career development support, for a whole 12 months after your course ends.

Our Aftercare Support package includes:

  • Two showreel clinics led by an Escape Studios tutor – with a maximum of six students
  • Advice and templates to help you create and develop a professional, industry-standard CV, covering letter and showreel
  • Technical advice to help you complete your showreel
  • Studio access during the evenings for one year after your course finishes
  • Access to any junior-level jobs posted in our Escapee Alumni Linkedin Group
  • Access to any mid-level jobs posted on our website

Showreel Clinics

All our students are entitled to two showreel clinics as part of their studies, led by an Escape Studios tutor. The clinics are an opportunity for you to get constructive feedback on your showreel, from a tutor and your fellow students. Each clinic includes a maximum of six students so they’re very personal and focused, and during the session, you’ll have your showreel individually assessed.

After your first session, we’ll give you a brief report, summarising the improvements suggested by our tutor. You’ll be expected to make the suggested changes to your showreel, before booking onto your second showreel clinic.

At your second showreel clinic, your showreel will be re-assessed and we’ll suggest any final improvements you could make.

Our showreel clinics take place every Wednesday from 4pm at Escape Studios, but if you can’t attend in person, you can book onto an online showreel clinic by contacting our student experience team.

Your Showreel Plan of Action

Two weeks before your course finishes, our Aftercare Co-ordinator will email you with details of our showreel clinics and advice on developing your showreel plan of action. As part of your showreel plan of action, you’ll work with our tutors to decide which shots to include, to showcase your talents to prospective employers.

Showreel Guidelines

We’ll also send you our showreel guidelines, to help you produce your showreel to the latest industry standards, including how many shots to include, how to show a breakdown of your work, and how to upload your showreel to Vimeo.

CV Advice and Template

We’ll give you a template to help you produce a professional, industry-standard CV, showing you the sections and information you need to include. Once you’ve created your CV and covering letter, you can also send it to our Aftercare Coordinator, and they’ll suggest any improvements you could make.

Technical Support

Wherever possible, we’ll give you any technical support you need to produce your showreel.

Studio Access

At least one of the studios at Escape Studios will be open during the evenings and you’re welcome to book a seat if you need to work on your showreel, for up to a year after your course ends. Please note: you can only book a seat on the day, not in advance. To book please get in touch with our Reception Team on 020 7348 1920 or by emailing frontofhouse@escapestudios.com

Recruitment Support

We’ll let you know the best places to search for jobs and give you all the support we can, to help you develop your career.