Dustin Henning

Dustin took part in a competition called ‘The Best From the Bedroom’ run by Escape Studios. The winning prize was to be sponsored to study an online course at the studio based in London.For 6 and a half years Dustin worked in Architectural design and construction in Australia, he later found an interest to study in the creative industry but there were very few places to study this in Australia; searching online he found Escape Studios, he expressed his interest and signed up to the newsletter. Dustin found a chance to submit some of his work through the competition and later found out that he won.

In these videos Dustin talks more about his journey as to where he is today and how he got there studying VFX.

After studying at Escape studios, Dustin received a job at Escape as a Studio Assistant. Teaching new students, he was able to familiarise himself with the software and techniques used at Escape Studios which, as Dustin says, alongside the professional relationships developed at industry days and talks, became invaluable to his development and skillset.


This video shows Dustin’s journey from winning to working at Escape!

After 2 weeks of completing his showreel, Dustin went on to work for Jellyfish Pictures where he has built his VFX career. Check out what Dustin has to say about life working as a Compositor in one of the largest VFX companies in the UK.

Dustin recommends that if visual effects is your passion, go ahead and do it. He experienced a job for 6 and a half years that he was not passionate about. His advice to creatives wanting to enter the industry is to make sure you make every decision closer to your passion.

If visual effects is your passion, go ahead and do it.

Dustin Henning