Grzegorz Zolnowski

How did studying at Escape Studios help you into the creative industry?

First of all it showed me that there are multiple ways to approach problems and there is only one limitation which is your imagination.Another thing was networking, this was because I was friendly to people around and was sharing my skills across classes and trying to be as active as possible. I later got myself a gig on a music video, directed by Greg Barth which came to me via Escape Studios.

Another thing was that to never settle. I did this course in evenings trying to work and study at the same time, so I have to marry my day job and evening study which was almost completely new to me.Sometimes it was hard but there was always someone I could talk to about my career, my learning path and always get some good support. I got my job 13 months after I finished my course in Escape Studios.

Where do you currently work and what are you working on at the moment?

I am currently a Paint and Roto artist at Framestore in the IA department. In short, I am working on commercials and TV series. My role is to do roto, cleanup and prep work for source plates. One of my first projects included little bit of comp as well. Framestore is unbelievably friendly, lovely place to work. The company have awesome inside development programs. Also artists who are there are the most charming people I work with, they will always find time to help, joke around or grab a coffee with you.

At the moment I am working on Pokemon movie, which I can't discuss very much.

What’s your favourite movie and why?

Blade Runner 2049. Because it has a seamless mix of practical VFX and CGI. Masterpiece.

If you had to sum up your time at Escape Studios in one word, what would it be and why?

Breakthrough - why? It changed my life completely. It taught me that hard work and determination will eventually pay off. Always believe in your goal and try to fulfil them, accomplish them as much as you can.

What work are you most proud of working on and what is your most notable achievement?

Politics Tamed for The Sunday Times. I prepared two of the main characters in this commercial. I used Geo Tracker for the first time and spent a lot of evening hours to get this project done. I can take credit for goat preparation, all snakes roto and unicorn prep and roto.But I can't say I didn't enjoy How To Train Your Dragon project with Kit. It was in general a fun project and the first one I did from start till finish. There was mainly a lot of roto and paint that included patch work and then overall composition.

What is your advice for those considering entering the industry?

Be as social as you can, meet new people and attend all industry events, they do open doors. I know some people are introverts, I am one, but you have to leave fear aside and step up for yourself. Also develop other passions aside 3D, comp etc. Recruiters or people you will talk to love to hear that you are active and have something else to show apart from your learned skills. Everybody can learn how to do roto shapes in Nuke so give it a depth, to yourself and art you gonna do. You have to represent something, have a hobby, have something you are invested in. Don't be afraid of criticism even if its harsh, it can help a lot. Discuss your issues with others they can have a fresh look on your problems for example showreel, some shot issues etc. Don't be afraid.

What course did you study?

Compositing for VFX (evening)

Escape Studios showed me that there are multiple ways to approach problems and there is only one limitation which is your imagination.

Grzegorz Zolnowski