Noor Valibhoy

What course did you study?

3D for Visual Effects (Full Time)

How did studying at Escape Studios help you into the world of VFX?

I was exposed to a little bit of VFX whilst studying at design college, and again whilst working in the design industry. I was working towards entering the VFX industry as it felt like a natural progression for me, but I didn’t get chance to fully immerse myself until I started studying at Escape. The way the course was structured was sufficient enough to bring me up to speed for an entry level position.

What are you working on at the moment?

I would love to share unfortunately my lips are sealed! However, I can reveal that I recently worked on Jurassic World. I mainly focused on environment related work as a CG generalist.

What's your favourite movie and why?

I don't particularly have a film I would call my favourite, but I have a few great sci-fi films I love watching time and time again, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Aliens, Star Wars, The Matrix, 2001: Space Odyssey, Fifth Element, Dune. These movies have a very beautifully thought out aesthetic style and design that I appreciate so much coming from some of the industries most talented and influential artists such as Moebius, HR Giger, Ralph McQuarrie, Syd Mead and more.

What lessons have you learnt during your time studying and your time working in VFX?

I’ve learnt to keep moving forward and keep learning new techniques. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

If you had to sum up your time at Escape Studios in one word what would it be and why?

Amazing! There were so many good things about studying at Escape. Firstly, the tutors, who dedicated their time and patience to mould me into a VFX Swiss army knife! Their feedback and criticism was extremely valuable and I was constantly inspired with all the stuff they exposed me to. Also, my fellow students, who were likeminded, just as passionate and came from all over the world, which made my learning experience even more enjoyable. It wasn’t just about VFX, it was the VFX culture.

What is your advice for those considering entering the industry?

A lot of hard work! You have to be proactive, and keep training your eye to observe and look at things differently. Most of us have a camera in our pockets; it's definitely a tool to help us study composition better! Expose yourself to all sorts of creative work and artists. Don't be afraid to ask and pick the brains of other experienced and talented artists. Be open to learning all softwares and techniques, so you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the tools at your disposal. This will also help you develop an efficient workflow of the task at hand.

Tailoring your reel for a specific position is great, however adding more than your VFX shots in your reel may give you an added advantage. For example, concept art, traditional drawings, sketches, matte paintings. Don't be afraid to show them if you have them as it only reflects your aesthetic skills and your knowledge of scale, perspective, colour and lighting.

Reference, reference, reference! Give yourself a good amount of time to observe, digest and dissect everything about your shot before tackling any work on it.

Lastly, have that burning desire to improve and all will be well.

The way the course was structured was sufficient enough to bring me up to speed for an entry level position.

Noor Valibhoy, Former Escapee