Taran Spear, Electric Theatre Collective

Why VFX?

Like many other artists, Taran’s passion for visual effects (VFX) began with films. He became intrigued by the aspect of creating art and seamlessly integrating it with existing footage, while watching breakdowns of the ‘making of’ films. “I wanted to work in VFX and be the person who can say – I created that!”

Why Escape?

After researching VFX, Taran discovered he would need to master NUKE, to meet the industry standards for film and commercials. That led him to Escape and our Advanced Compositing for VFX course.

What is your advice for those considering entering the industry?

Work hard and keep up with industry trends in software, as standards are constantly evolving. Out of all the people I studied with at Escape, every person who stayed late after class and worked really hard to learn the software and techniques is now working in the industry. I’d also emphasise the importance of applying to small companies for jobs, as well as the big names, as smaller studios give artists the opportunity to work on a wider range of projects, helping you gain broader industry experience.