Escape Studios Unreal Connectors Training 

Welcome to the London Connectors program: maximising your Virtual Production (VP) potential in the heart of the global film and VFX industry.  

Escape Studios has been running career changing Unreal Engine courses for years as we were the first Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center in the UK. In summer 2021, we ran the acclaimed 'Summer of Unreal' project for Epic Games. Additionally ScreenSkills, the screen agency for the UK’s media industries, ask us to run Unreal courses for VFX artists and film makers to accelerate in the UK film industry and increase it’s competitiveness.

Now Epic Games have asked us to run the Epic Connectors program

Escape Studios are running an intense training regime for all media professionals who want to dive deep into Unreal Engine, by exploring their own ideas with expert tuition from Escape Studios and an unparalleled curriculum designed by Epic themselves. 

Course details

  • Location: Online
  • Start date: TBC
  • Mode of study: Part time (Monday and Wednesday) 
  • Fees: £3,995
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Why study the London Connectors program?

Being based in London at the heart of one of the biggest media centres in the world, we are launching the London Connector program and working with some of the most dynamic and forward thinking companies in Virtual Production who are feeding in to our teaching resources to ensure you get contemporary and practical knowledge of how to apply Unreal Engine to the world of VP.
On our doorstep at Escape Studios are our industry partners such as Framestore, DNEG and Indistrial Light and Magic, also a range of new VP studio spaces and vendors such as Lux Machina, Halon, Dimension Studios and Bild, who are looking for new talent to fuel their VP projects. We also have links to the smaller studios whose innovation and inventiveness is seeing a wider adoption of real-time tools, like Blue-Zoo, the Third Floor, and LexHag.

So, if you are looking for a way to give your creativity a deep exposure to Unreal Engine, join us at the London Connector - wherever in the world you are based. 

Module breakdown

You will be taught by Unreal Engine Authorized Instructors on virtual machines (virtual workstations in the Cloud with dedicated GPU), alongside our technical assistants to support you with your projects. Lessons will also be recorded and you can access them at any time.

  • Week 1 - Quickstart: Your First Project in Unreal
  • Week 2 - Static Mesh Ingestion for FBX
  • Week 3 - Quixel: Install and it's Operations
  • Week 4 - Introduction to Materials
  • Week 5 - Quickstart: Sequencer Shot Creation
  • Week 6 - World Building for Virtual Production
  • Week 7 - Introduction to Sequencer
  • Week 8 - Introduction to Lighting
  • Week 9 - Introduction to Animation
  • Week 10 - Quickstart: Blueprints for Virtual Production
  • Week 11 - Mocap Class and Session
  • Week 12 - Introduction to Control Rig
  • Week 13 - Sequencer Production Workflow and CineCamera Techniques
  • Week 14 - Materials Masking and Material Functions
  • Week 15 - Animation Retargeting and Crowds
  • Week 16 - Project Week
  • Week 17 - Project Week
  • Week 18 - Sequencer vCam Shot Creation and Editing
  • Week 19 - Lighting Cinematic Fundamentals
  • Week 20 - Materials: Translucent Displacement and VFX
  • Week 21 - Animation: Animation Blueprints and Take Recorder
  • Week 22 - Sequencer: Performance Capture and Live Link Face
  • Week 23 - Lighting: Atmospheric Lighting
  • Week 24 - Animation: Alembic Importing and Live Link
  • Week 25 - Introduction to Optimisiation
  • Week 26 - Post Processing and Rendering
  • Week 27 - Project Week
  • Week 28 - Project Week
  • Week 29 - Project Week
  • Week 30 - Presentation Day
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Escape Studios is a UK Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center

We have partnered with Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, Unreal Engine and Gears of War and more. With this partnership, we were the first Unreal Engine ATC in the UK to create a series of training courses in Unreal Engine for professionals to help you up your game.

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