Escape Studios are now fully booked for Summer Of Unreal, but take a look on and follow instructions there about whether you can join through one of our partners.

Welcome to the Summer of Unreal

Build a new world with Unreal Engine this summer! 

Do you work in the animation or 3D CGI industry in Europe? Whether you work in games, VFX, motion graphics or film and TV, or whether you teach some of these subjects, you are welcome to our free Unreal Engine course designed to give you new animation superpowers! 

The Summer of Unreal is a free, four-week boot camp created in collaboration with Epic Games where artists learn practical real-time skills from industry vets, higher education partners, and Escape Studios, the UK’s only Unreal Authorised Training Center. This is not only our most ambitious free programme to date; it’s the largest Unreal Engine training ever attempted! Our goal? Help over 1,000 people build their business or art practice with Unreal Engine’s animation tools. 

While you’re expected to have some knowledge of 3D software, you can be totally new to Unreal Engine. We’ll start with the basics and work our way up to the eye-catching stuff, like stylised cel-shaded/photorealistic objects and digital humans.

Unreal Engine Authorized Training Centre

What is the Summer of Unreal

It’s like the Summer of Love, only better.

  • We cover the use of Unreal Engine across areas such as pre-visualisation, layout, rigging, animation, modelling, lighting, importing characters into Unreal Engine and rendering. 
  • Live, daily expert tuition in all key aspects of Unreal Engine. 
  • Online support from our Studio Assistants.
  • Use Discord to communicate for project work, it’s a great chance for networking! 
  • Learn from case studies of Unreal Engine production from across Europe by meeting industry practitioners and creators.
  • Work with colleagues from across Europe to solve creative briefs whilst learning.   
  • Hear directly from Epic Games about new developments.
  • Hear panels of experts discuss how Unreal Engine is changing media production.
  • Find out how you can make Unreal Engine work for your workflow.  
  • Participants will be able to collect digital badges for each day, and on collecting an attendance of at least 80%, gain a certificate of attendance from Escape Studios and signed by Epic Games.
Game Art student work


Registration has now closed. If you have any questions, please email