Unreal engine training courses for professionals

As one of few Unreal Engine Authorized Training Centers in the UK, we have developed a range of short courses with content and materials approved by Epic Games, in order to help train professionals in using Unreal Engine for various industries. Training is delivered by our authorised and industry-experienced tutors.

Choose from these pre-developed courses to get your staff or artists upskilled in this high-demand software. We've recently trained professionals from companies across a range of industries including 3D architectural visualisation, film and TV, advertising, motion desigin, animation and games.

We recommend for anyone to take the Unreal Engine Fundamentals course before moving on to any more specialised courses, unless you are already familiar with the software.

Each course should run with a minimum of six students.

For enquiries about these courses, or if you are interested in a course that isn't currently listed, please get in touch with our Sales Team to discuss training options at sales@escapestudios.com or on +44 (0)203 918 4491.

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