Alumni showcase

Escapee - Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo Ferriera is a Compositor from Escape Studios and worked with DNeg on Ex Machina. He is currently working on X-Men at MPC.

Escape Rendered: What was it like working on Ex Machina and what were the challenges?

Ricardo: Ex Machina was a relatively low budget film for VFX and I was lucky enough to work on the amazing creation of Ava’s character. We found making the movement of Ava’s chin and neck in line with the CG particularly difficult; therefore, we had to do some tweaks to the CG and a lot of Roto. We used gizmos designed by DNeg that allowed us to stabilise the CG as well as tweaking the match move with the Nuke tracking system.

ER: As a relatively low-budget film, did you expect to win the Oscar for Best Visual Effects over the likes of Star Wars and Mad Max?

RF: Ava’s body really is a masterpiece piece despite being low budget. I think low budget movies are becoming more popular, the technology and the quality of the artists can offer a reality that we never expect in a short period of time. Still, we can’t live without big budget movies. Can you imagine a low budget Star Wars, or a Mad Max with half of the explosions? I can but it’s not the same.

ER: The big conversation at the moment is all around VR, as a compositor what is your view on this and where this technology is going in terms of filmmaking?

RF: As a compositor I think VR is another challenge like we have few years ago with Stereoscopic, but now in 360º. In terms of filmmaking VR will definitely be the future. As a viewer you can immerse yourself in entertainment and that’s why major tech companies are investing in it.

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