Spotlight - Profile of the new game Adr1ft

This month saw the release of Adr1ft, from 505 Games. Taking place in space, the game forces players to deal with the atmosphere and environments of one of the most deadly environments. Head of Games at Escape Studios Simon Fenton gives his view on this new VR game:The first thing to note about Adr1ft is the VR element, and how this has been incorporated into the game. The big question since the release of the new VR headsets is what content will follow and this is one of the first games to appear on the market.

The game does indeed give you a visually impactful recreation of what it feels like to float through the lonely vacuum of space, and in essence the game is a beautiful visual feast for the eyes. However, I couldn’t help feeling that an in-depth storyline was missing here, compromised for the more intriguing VR experience. As we know one of the biggest challenges in creating content in VR is that the game needs to run at a higher frame rate than traditional games to give a smooth player experience. This game has incorporated and fixed this by slowing the game down with certain features such as oxygen mechanic, which does serve to give a flawless VR experience. However, is this at the compromise of the storyline?