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Why should I get into Games?

The games industry is one of the most creative, diverse and exciting industries for a digital artist to work in today. As a Games Artist you could be creating stunning worlds, including VR and AR experiences, and characters or props, in styles ranging from the realistic to cartoony or anywhere in-between. You’ll get a great understanding of the games production pipeline and the cross over with 3D and animation workflows. As an Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center, we also run Unreal Engine training courses to help you up your game in this popular software.

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What Game Art courses and degrees do we offer?

Our courses are designed to get you trained in the latest software for Game Art, such as Unreal Engine, Maya and Substance.

Unreal engine

Escape Studios: The only Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center in the UK... What does that mean?

We have partnered with Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, Unreal Engine and Gears of War and more. With this partnership, we created a series of training courses in Unreal Engine for professionals to help you up your game.

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Game Art webinars and events

Tune into our free webinars and online events to get the latest industry updates, software tips and tricks and hear from special guests.

The world of Game Art: Expand your skills

Sign up to a weeks worth of free game art webinars covering a range of topics from ZBrush techniques, what's new in Game Art and more! All webinars will have a live Q&A with our industry experienced tutors, you wouldn't want to miss this!

Where Game Art can get you

Thursday 1st July at 6PM

Join our webinar with Game Art tutor, Kevin Nally, where he will be talking to a number of Escape Studios alumni about the opportunities and careers available after studying Games Art at Escape Studios. Games Art is a career full of passion and hard work. Hear from people who are working in the industry and how they got there.

Guest speakers include:

Where Game Art Can Get You

Trim sheets are an essential part of the game environment workflow, but can be difficult to understand and grasp as a beginner. In this short webinar Game Art tutor, Jordan Wills, will use examples and cases to help explain what Trim sheets are and how to use them to help speed up work and create more efficient environments.

Monday 28th June at 5PM-6PM

Join us for a webinar session on digital sculpting and how it can be optimised for real time rendering. Our tutor, Phil Meredith, will be demonstrating different methods for extracting high-quality detail without the performance cost of an expensive 3d model. This session will also include tips and tricks for working in ZBrush and some Q&A on game art workflows.

Monday 28th June at 6.30PM-7.30PM

In this webinar Will Brosch, Game Art tutor, will be observing reference photographs and digging into some of the more advanced tools to replicate those surface properties accurately on mesh, to create textures that are both physically accurate and artistically beautiful.

Tuesday 29th June at 5PM

In this webinar our Head of Games, Simon Fenton, will be taking a peek into his game development crystal ball to see what the latest developments in game art are going to be over the next couple of years. If you are interested in becoming a games artist or developer this webinar will help you think about where to focus your training and direction moving forward.

Wednesday 30th June at 5PM

Taster Sessions

At Escape Studios, we offer a number of classroom-based and online Taster courses throughout the year, so you can 'try before you buy' and get a hands-on feel for what it's like to study with us.

Floating island by Escape Studios student

Game Art


Who will teach me?

Our tutors are experts in their craft that ranges across the whole pipeline from Pre-Production and the Art Department through to Launching!

Meet your Games tutors

Find more detailed profiles on our tutors here.

What makes our Game Art courses and degrees unique?

  • Our Game Art courses cover training with industry-professional software such as Unreal Engine, Maya and Substance. 
  • Our Games courses are taught in studio-style classrooms with a suite of state of the art equipment.

  • Our tutors are all experts in their field and have been hand-picked from some of the most successful studios. For example, Simon Fenton, our Head of Games, taught himself before working in games development for Sony; he has worked as a Lead Senior Artist on multiple PlayStation titles. Now you can benefit from his expertise!

  • All our courses are developed with our industry partners, some of the biggest studios in the world - Creative Assembly, Climax and Rebellion are just a few studios that not only input into our courses, but regularly visit us and partake in events such as our annual VFX Festival. Learn more about our Industry partners.

The tutors' attitude inspired us to give our best every single day of the course. The tutors all had successful careers in the Games and VFX industry so we had a chance to learn a lot from their experience. I met many like-minded people and made new friends from all over the world. The course has a very practical approach and sort of simulates an industry environment which prepares the students for the challenges ahead of them.

Ognyan Zahariev (Escapee), Lead Lighting Artist at Shapefarm

Students watching a talk

Career resources

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What does Game Art at Escape Studios look like?

Get an insight of our game art student projects in our student showreel. Also check out previous events and webinars on our YouTube channel.