Industry partners

We work directly with some of the world’s biggest studios as well as the most exciting smaller niche and innovative companies to develop and support our courses to reflect industry demands. We’ve developed close relationships with an impressive range of industry partners and advisors, and they’re involved in everything we do - from the curriculum we teach and how it’s delivered, to our webinars and special events. On occasion you may find some industry superstars turning up in your class to teach or even assess your work!  

How our industry connections impact your studies 

  • Students on our undergraduate and advanced courses benefit from feedback sessions. E.g. 25% of an undergraduate student's grade comes from industry feedback
  • We offer a range of scholarships that are developed with professionals and offer a unique opportunity to be hand-picked by some of the biggest names in the industry
  • All our students have priority opportunities to attend industry talks such as The Visual Effects Festival, live webinar tutorials and more
  • Our industry partners attend other events, informal and formal, to help our students' network with creative companies, talk to recruiters and showcase their showreels. A few to date are:
    • An Evening With... Shannon Tindle, Character Designer for Kubo and the Two Strings and Coraline
    • An Evening With... Kevin McDowell, Art Director for SEGA’s game series Total War and BAFTA winner for Total War: Shogun 2
    • An Evening With... Scott Ross, who has three decades leading George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic, founding Digital Domain, and creating effects for films that defined a movie-going generation like Titanic, Star Wars Episodes I-III, The Abyss and Total Recall as well as originating the compositing software Nuke
  • More events include Smash Bros at Escape Studios, end of year showcases and a mock interview and CV checker session.

With this kind of industry input, our students graduate ready for the world of work, with the skills and qualities they need for a successful long-term career. 

How industry partners help design, develop and deliver our degrees and courses

Find out more about how our industry partners also help design our degrees through our Degree Concept Team (DCT).

Meet our industry partners

We work with all kinds of creative companies, from global businesses to smaller independents, so our students get the chance to benefit from a whole range of perspectives.

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