Meet your tutors. They know exactly what skills and experience you'll need to kick-start your career. Best of all, they'll teach you real-world tips and tricks, as well as the latest industry software and techniques, throughout your programme of study.

Dr. Ian Palmer
Dean, Escape Studios

Dr. Ian joined Escape Studios in 2015 to lead the development of their degrees in VFX, animation and games. Working with professionals at the top of their field and current and recent students, he has developed and tested new approaches to supporting learning in this area, sharing the practice both internally and externally through invited presentations and papers. Read full profile here.

Mark Spevick
Head of 3D

Davi Stein
Head of 2D

Simon Fenton
Head of Games

Alex Williams
Head of Animation

JM Blay
Head of Motion Graphics

Daniel Shutt
3D Tutor

Allar Kaasik
Compositing Tutor

Clement Gharini
Cinematography tutor

John Gresko

Escapee (Alumni)

To be an artist in the industry, you need a showreel. Escape taught me the skills I needed to make that possible. I’m now a Matchmove Artist at Dneg which is an awesome place.

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