Bob Thompson

Bob is our Animation Production tutor at Escape Studios. As a Producer Bob combines commercial, technical and creative experience. A veteran of the BBC and former Head of Film for LEGO.  He is probably best known for reinventing Character and Story IP for LEGO, including co-creating LEGO BIONICLE. Bob has developed and produced four CGI animated movies, he has also worked on 3D attractions, television shows, toys, games and theme park rides and more than 30 different media categories.

Bob is the founder of Good Story Productions who provide creative development, production, VFX and Post Production services & facilities for Film and other media. He has worked with LEGO, Miramax, Buena Vista, Aramid, Games Workshop, Galleon Entertainment, BBC Worldwide, Create Media Ventures, Parthenon, Waterman Entertainment, Manga Entertainment and Film Roman.

Bob has held several consultancy roles, notably as Animation & TV Consultant for Film London, supporting London based producers with developing new business opportunities, international coproduction and feeding back to the London Mayors’ office on the state of the animation sector in London.

Bob has worked as a Producer on four feature length animations, most recently Ultramarines with John Hurt and Terrance Stamp. He also has multiple writing and script editing credits and is fastidious about understanding every element of the physical production process in order to deliver the best possible on screen experience. 


  • Best DVD Release Movie (Saturn Awards 04)
  • Best animated film (Chicago Filmfest 05) 
  • Best Visual Effects (DVD Exclusive 04 & 05)
  • DVD Sound Design (Golden Reel 04 & 05)
  • #1 Video in USA at launch week (Mask of Light 2003  
  • 8th bestselling DVD premiere in USA 2003
  • Toy of the Year Awards in 2001 and 2002