Ed Brown

Ed Brown teaches 4D Cinema for our Motion Graphics course at Escape Studios.

Ed is a freelance CG Generalist and Motion Designer working in broadcast and entertainment visuals. He has studied video production, media studies, film and video and digital screen arts, ultimately quitting art school altogether to pursue a newfound love of animation at a small studio in Hackney. He has been freelance ever since.

Over the past decade he has made the switch from being a 2D character animator to a diehard 3D generalist, learning Cinema 4D deliberately to get motion design work: it eventually paid off, and now Ed works with a diverse list of clients around the world, on productions large and small.

Some of Ed's recent projects include:

  • Concept/background art for The Lehman
  • Trilogy Rigging puppets for the Take That 2019
  • Tour Tech direction & render wrangling with Beeple for Louis Vuitton shop window displays