Gideon Corby

Gideon is one of our part-time VFX Tutors at Escape Studios. He graduated in Economics and Sociology at Manchester University and went on to study sculpture at St Martin’s College. He became interested in VFX after a chance visit to the computer room, where he found it was the 3D on screen that interested him. This was back when high-end packages came on half a dozen floppy discs. Gideon set about making a name for himself in the VFX industry, working at the BBC and on projects including an animated short used to advertise the ‘Star Trek’ film, 3D models for the Victoria & Albert Museum and a project at the National Theatre. He also worked on the end credits animation for ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and BBC2’s spoof school science series, ‘Look Around You’, which was nominated for a BAFTA and won The Golden Rose Award.

Gideon went on to teach at some of the UK’s most prestigious institutions, including London’s Royal College of Art, the National Film and TV School, Norwich College of the Arts and the Kent Institute for Art & Design.