JM Blay is an independent Director and a Motion Designer based in London. He's the Head of Motion Graphics here at Escape Studios and has more than fifteen years of experience working on advertising, films, TV, video games and multimedia.

He's worked for films like The Hobbit and Guardians of the Galaxy, for video games like Call of Duty Black Ops II, for TV channels like the BBC and for music videos for artists like Paul McCartney and Lily Allen. He's also worked for clients such as NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Marvel, BBC, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Lenovo, Adidas, Adobe, Citi Bank and Activision among others.

JM has combined his career in the industry with an educational profile. He's also lectured in places such as Ravensbourne College (UK), University of York (UK) and UPV (Spain).

He has a Bachelor in Fine Arts, a Master's Degree in Audiovisual Communication and a PhD in Design: Motion Graphics.

You can visit JM's website at