Jonathan McFall

Jonathan is a Programme Leader of VFX at Escape Studios. He has worked in VFX for over 10 years and has had every role in Nuke from working in stereo, to prep, to comp, to comp supervisor. He's worked in higher education for 12 years. His VFX work has taken him to Hengdian, China one of the largest film studios in the world, as a Comp Supervisor.

His filmography includes Prometheus, Narnia, Dredd, Star Wars, the finale of the Harry Potter series, Men in Black 3, Dark Shadows as well as working in advertising. Amongst the impressive list of films, Jonathan has found the time to work freelance as 3D artist and knows how to Model, Texture, Light, Rig, Animate, Render, Prep and then Comp.

Jon's favourite weapons of choice are Nuke, Silhouette, Maya, Zbrush, Mari, 3D Equalizer, pretty much the whole VFX pipeline stored in his brain. Jonathan is currently teaching 2D and 3D on our full-time and part-time VFX courses and a member of the VFX society.

In 2002 Jonathan won an award for Illustration, Communication Arts and American Illustration.