Michael Morgan

Raised on a diet of cartoons, video games and movies, it only made sense that I would become an Animator one day. It didn't hit me until I was in my teens that Animation was an arena that I could have a career in. Graduated from DeMontfort University studying MultiMedia design in 2000 Michael became a professional Animator, working in Video games, TV/ Commercials and VFX Films.Hailing from the city of Birmingham in the UK Michael has travelled around the globe from London to Singapore, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and back to London where he has worked on projects such as Star War The Clone Wars the Animated TV series to animating Groot and Rocket the Raccoon, Black Panther, Venom, to Leading Animation on Disney's Artemis Fowl.

On this course Michael will deep dive into animating character and creatures.This course is guaranteed to provide you animation knowledge from an Industry Animator that lives and breathes Animation.