Simon Hall 

Simon Hall is a consultant, senior lecturer, senior course director, Author, Global thought leader and former Chief Marketing Officer with around 30 years’ experience from companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Acer, Toshiba; and Philips. Simon has taught modules including Strategic innovation management, Strategic management, Contemporary strategy, international business, Principles of Business and various marketing modules. He holds a degree in European Business from the University of Sunderland as well as a postgraduate diploma in international business and administration from the University of Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany in the German language.

As well as teaching at Pearson College London, Simon currently is a consultant for a global company; works as a non-executive director coaching key business in the field of B2B business and business growth, and a senior course director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing cover areas such as Product & Innovation Management, Digital marketing, and B2B marketing.

Recent Activity

  • June 2017: Published by Kogan Page book on ‘Innovative B2B marketing - New models, processes and theory
  • June 2018 – June 2019: Released set of interviews on key areas of B2B Marketing strategy
  • August 2020: Published with Kogan Page (global business book publisher) the book ‘B2B Digital marketing strategy – How to use frameworks and models to achieve growth’. Received various positive responses for the book such as 1) regarded as one of the best 23 b2b books to read in 2021 by book 2) regarded as top 10 b2b marketing books to read by 9lenses
  • Nov 2020: Took part in a one-to-one fireside webinar on behalf of OESMA/Harness Blue to launch a new marine economy social media network
  • Dec 2020: Participated in a global expert roundtable for RevenueTek to discuss the challenges of managing data as well as the impact of recent data management challenges on areas of sales and marketing
  • April 2021: Working on a 2nd edition to the book ‘Innovative B2B Marketing’ to be published by Kogan Page in early 2022
  • August 2021: Participated in the panel for Digital and Direct marketing association discussing the relationships between marketing agencies and organisation’s marketing departments

Industry Expertise

Simon brings with him around 30 years’ industry experience and executive level experience from companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Acer, Toshiba; and Philips, his experience spans multiple areas including leadership and mentoring, business start-up, operations, finance, sales, and marketing.

Roles covered including 5 years as Dell UK CMO, 5 years as EMEA Business Unit Head for Acer’s mobile division, Head of EMEA Sales and Marketing for Microsoft’s Xbox division (interactive entertainment business), EMEA Business Manager for Dell Notebook, EMEA Product marketing manager for Toshiba notebooks