Vincent Woodcock

Vincent is an Animation Tutor at Escape Studios. After studying music and theatre at University, Vincent became an apprentice animator at the Richard Williams Animation Studio in London, learning his craft from Richard Williams and the other animators including the veteran Disney animator Art Babbitt.

Vincent became a Director/Designer/Animator at the studio and left after seven years to start his own venture - Illusion Animation. He went on to work at Walt Disney Animation and co-directed a feature film at a new Disney studio in London ("Duck Tales-The Movie"). Vincent then worked as a Freelance Animator and Director for the next 15 years, producing TV commercials and music videos, as well as directing, animating and designing on various entertainment films and TV series, such as "The Kings Beard", "Little Ghosts" and "Tuesday". During his career, Vincent has also worked at Warner Brothers ("Space Jam") as an Animator and Character Designer, and returned again to Disney to direct a musical sequence in "The Tigger Movie". In 2006, he wrote and illustrated a book on character design ("How To Paint And Draw Crazy Cartoon Characters") which has been published in seven languages.

Since 2007, Vincent has been working as a tutor/lecturer in animation, character design, comics and cartooning since 2006. He also has a running comic strip in "Moose Kid Comics" and works on his own comic strip for adults ("Badgers Of Fury"). Vincent is an Animator through and through and still draws every day' for my own pleasure and sanity'. He is bringing a wealth of experience and passion to our new evening course in Character Design.