@Escape_Studios Follow: @Indi_Pops

@Escape_Studios Follow: @Indi_Pops

Five questions finding out more about our Twitter followers, how and why they got started and what they feel about the industry, with @TobyJOYdigital our Social Media Manager.

Hi, what's your real name @Indi_pops , and where are you working?
My name is India Barnardo, and I’m currently working at Framestore Commercials in London.

OK, what's your role in the company, and which projects are you involved with?
I’m a Junior Animator now but have previously worked here as a runner and a receptionist. Past projects I’ve worked on have included the Andrex CG puppies, Coca Cola ‘Siege’ for the 2011 Super Bowl, the Argos ‘Aliens’ Christmas Campaign and Lynx: ‘Unleash the Chaos’, where my main shot was the parrot on the bus tyre.

Most recently I’ve worked on the Honda Civic Spark; also I helped out a little bit on this year’s Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial, ‘Polar Bears’.

Cool, why did you become interested in CG, and how did you get started?
Originally I became interested in this industry when I was quite young. I loved art and all things creative as I grew up, and began to realise I wanted to somehow combine this with my love of computers. But my lucky break came aged 16, when I got two weeks work experience with Framestore.

This experience, which included being able to sit in on a Showreel meeting and see what they look for, meant I then decided I had to somehow be involved, for it seemed like the perfect combination of my interests. This then lead to my application to the Digital Character Animation degree at the University of Teesside, where I learnt a great deal.

Interesting, where do you see your career progressing, and what lies in the future for the VFX industry?
In the short term, I want to become the best animator I can, and continue working alongside my colleagues in creating great ads. For the long term, I aspire to be a senior animator. In time, I’d also love to help other people starting out on their careers too, as my colleagues have helped me.

I believe the future for VFX in commercials is going to be very interesting; especially with new techniques being introduced, for example the use of a more detailed Previs, which we did for Honda Spark, and also learning how to track your own shots. This means everyone will have to get stuck in, and help out on different aspects of the pipeline. It seems to me a very experimental time for new technologies, which in turn, is leading to new avenues for workflow; I find it all very exciting and it’s definitely teaching me a lot about the pipeline!

Thanks, do you have any advice for our students on how they should get into the business?
My advice would be to get networking at conferences, lectures, or relevant events, just get involved! There are many animation meet-ups arranged by industry people via the various social networking sites, and these are great places to meet new people. I still attend as many as possible, because it's a great way to see how the industry is evolving, and you never know who you meet might next, and who they might know too!

Also, I would recommend trying to get a work experience placement, or if you can, become a runner. I loved my time doing this for you get to see behind the scenes, and meet some famous people along the way, more importantly you get an idea of which department you would like to progress into.

But always have your Showreel ready and a business card to hand, for you never know who you might meet next, and if they might be able help you out along in your career.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts India, and we look forward to exchanging tweets in the future. If you are looking to break into the industry and would like a free careers guide to give you a thorough idea of the jobs, salaries and opportunities available, please download your copy here.

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