Escapees in Midtown: Being on creative London's doorstep


Welcome to an area of London that is bustling with creative energy. Search for VFX, Games and Animation studios nearby and you’ll quickly discover Geko Animation Ltd, Darkside Studios, Sliced Bread Animation and Unanico Group. Look even closer and you’ll find the new Escape Studios Midtown campus based at 190 High Holborn.

Be inspired!

A degree with Escape studios has just got even better for ambitious creatives. The new Escape Studios campus means being closer to dazzling inspirations. Take a 15 minute walk and find yourself in Soho– an area packed with prolific independent cinemas, theatre’s, music venues and creative studios. Soho houses some of the most notorious animation studios in the world, including Framestore (creators of Guardians of the Galaxy and several of the Harry Potter films) and Moving Picture Company (notable projects include X-men: First Class and Terminator Genisys).

Escape Studios new London location guarantees easy access to top-rate cultural and creative venues that inspire cutting edge portfolios. This is so much more than just being a creative student – it’s about being on London’s main creative pulse!

So if VFX, Games and Animation is for you: be an Escapee on the creative side of town.