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BFI Future Film Labs

Escape Studios staff and students descended on the home of the UK film Industry last weekend, to deliver a series of talks, masterclasses and software demo’s to up-and-coming young filmmakers.

Future Film Labs are a series of monthly sessions run by the BFI; the events include industry insights, practical masterclasses, professional advice and networking opportunities, to inspire and educate young filmmakers. They are designed to kick-start careers, by taking young filmmakers on a journey, through all the stages of film production.

November’s session focused on Post-Production and the decision was made to drill down into the world of VFX since it is now such a huge and often mysterious part of the filmmaking process.

Escape Studios was invited along to help make the world of VFX less opaque and to give tips to young filmmakers on how to incorporate basic techniques into their films, to improve their narrative and visual stories.

Escape’s staff members, Andrew Brassington and Clement Gharini, were joined by film maker and VFX supervisor Haz Dulull, Compositor Roy Peker and flame artist George Rockcliffe from The Mill, to be part of the Industry Panel.  They all shared their experiences of working in the creative industries, to give attendees an insight into the creative industries.

Next up was a one hour workshop which aimed to demystify some of the processes involved in visual effects used in films. From an Escape Studios perspective, we wanted the participants to have a better understand of the fundamental techniques used in creating a VFX shot and so, we decided to look under the bonnet of a few finished films.

BFI Future Film Labs
BFI Future Film Labs
BFI Future Film Labs

First up was a short film called VFX Games - The Art of Compositing made by former Escape Studios student Roy Peker. This brilliant video demonstrates a range of techniques in a playful way and is a great start for anyone trying to understand the VFX process. Next up was Haz, who treated the crowd to a behind the scenes look at all of the VFX processes involved in shooting the promo for his short film Sync.   

The team then challenged the crowd to watch a short sequence; whilst working in groups they were asked to identify as many 2D and 3D techniques as they could. They were assisted in this process by a number of Escape Studios alumni (dubbed ‘Escapees’).

The final part of the day saw everyone retire to the BFI Blue room for drinks and networking where they also got the chance to see live CG demonstrations from our very own cohort of Escape Studios students. Using state of the art workstations, provided by Escape Technology, our students wowed the crowds with a display of their VFX talents!

Overall it was a great experience, we hope everyone learnt something new and we can’t wait for next time!