Meet The Bouncing Ball!


It's week 1 of Animation Core here at Escape Studios for our undergraduate VFX students, and also the first week for our short course animation students. Both groups are tackling the infamous bouncing ball exercise.

Why start with a bouncing ball? Well, pretty much every animation course on the planet starts with a ball. It's where students first encounter the concepts of timing and spacing, and also how to use important tools such as the Graph Editor.

This free bouncing ball rig (see left) is the rig we suggest that students download when they first start learning animation. It's available for free download at

How does it work?
This rig is a simple bouncing ball with top and bottom controls for the squash-and-stretch, and also independent controls over its orientation, as well as the rotation and the position of the ball itself.

Who created it?
Saul Garcia

What is the license type?

How does it work?
Learn how to use and animate the Bouncing Ball, watch youtube videos 



The Bouncing Ball exercise isn't just about learning timing and spacing. It's also where students of animation begin to learn the importance of giving a performance.  Even a bouncing ball can be made to look fun and interesting or - heaven forbid - dull and boring. And, in the end, animators are entertainers - making our work fun to watch is what we do.

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