Animal Logic visits Escape Studios

Animal Logic

On Tuesday 9th May we were delighted to welcome Patricia Kung, Head of Recruitment at Animal Logic, to talk to our undergraduate and short course students. Animal Logic is one of Australia's leading animation and VFX studios, responsible for global box office hits like The Lego movie, The Lego Batman movie and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Animal Logic have offices in Australia, Los Angeles and Vancouver; their new broad reach is part of the globalisation of the animation and VFX industries, as creative companies open offices all over the world, getting access to a wider pool of talent and the broadest possible range of tax incentives.

“There is a shortage of artists, so now is a great time to enter the industry.” noted Patricia.

All of our Escape Studios students were invited to the talk, and it was a full house at our 190 High Holborn campus! We regularly hold events with industry speakers because it helps our students to gain some invaluable careers advice and a chance to connect and network with some of the biggest studios in the world.

This afternoon with… Animal Logic was a great opportunity to have all of their questions answered by the Head of Recruitment and pick up some great tips to make a stand out showreel.  Patricia said “It’s not an easy industry to get into”, so how to do you make a stand out showreel that’ll get you noticed and help you land a sought after job.

Patricia Kung’s top tips on how to make a killer animation showreel:

  • Demonstrate the style of the studio in your showreel your own way
  • Only use music that compliments your work but make sure it doesn’t detract from your work
  • Make sure you have a variety of work - creatures, characters and environments
  • Act out your scenes so you can track the movements

What are some of the entry level jobs you can apply for at Animal Logic?

  • Render wrangler
  • Technical animator
  • Roto/paint artists
  • Runners

What else should you do to help your VFX or animation career?

  • Volunteering at festivals and events like FMX and View Conference
  • Learn the fundamentals and keep up with what’s happening in the industry
  • Build your network
  • Show more personal work in showreel
  • Showcase your own style
  • Use LinkedIn - It’s a great way to put yourself out there

Finding work in Animation and VFX doesn't just mean working locally - it means thinking globally too. So, if you want to work in the industry, don’t just limit yourself to one country as the opportunities are out there, you just need to put yourself out there more and connect with industry and work really hard. Currently in the industry there is a lack of surfacing grooming animators, so look out for what jobs are in high demand.

“If you’re good, you’ll always find work.” Sound advice!