Escape Studios - Undergraduate Student Showcase

Student Showcase

 Our very first year of our Escape Studios Undergraduate courses has come to an end….but what a final show it was.

What have our students been up to? Our students have spent this year working on common modules in Games, Computer Animation and Visual Effects. Their first term included learning soft skills to so they gain all round skills needed in the creative industry. This was all in preparation for the assessments at the end of the year, which was a mix of tutor, industry, peer and self-review, just as it would be when you become a professional.

 To celebrate our students hard work across the first year, we set up a showcase with industry professionals to give students the chance to present their work and get real-world feedback from those in the know. We welcomed Robin Deitch from Microsoft to provide advice to student Game work. Anthony Bloor, Head of 3D VFX at MPC advertising gave constructive feedback on our students 2D and 3D Visual Effects work. Our Animation students were given advice from Shelley Page, who passed on her knowlegde of years experience working at the much loved company DreamWorks.

What happened at the Showcase? Our students skills were put to the test, where their work was presented in front of the industry professionals, tutors and peers. Individual shots were chosen by Escape tutors which then gave our students chance to describe their artistic vision and software used for their final shot. Our Industry professionals gave feedback to each shot and how they operate in studios, such as Anthony Bloor recommended ‘investigating as many real-life examples as you can’ using YouTube to do your research, so they created and lifelike image for the viewer. Our students received not only technical recommendations such as the best software to render in, but all round advice that can be applied to any creative role. Shelley Page, focused students on the end product suggesting students ensure they deliver against the brief and have the ‘end goal in sight’ from the beginning.

Escape Undergraduate Showcase
Escape Undergraduate Showcase

The showcase gave our students chance to receive industry standard feedback, as well as  personal advice on how to improve their work so they can apply this to future projects!  Our students are all passionate about their chosen topic and plan to apply the feedback to their shots over the summer, we look forward to seeing their talents grow next year. For now over and out!