Animated Women UK welcome Beth Parker and thank Lindsay Watson for 4.5 years service

Animated Women UK

Animated Women UK (AWUK) welcomed their new Animation Chair, Beth Parker, on Wednesday 13th September during an event held on the 10th Floor of Pearson College London at 80 Strand. The Animated Women UK team also gave a huge thank you to Founder, Lindsay Watson; Lindsay launched AWUK in 2013, the same year she started her consultancy company CANUK Productions. 

Lindsay was stepping down from her role as Chair after 4.5 years of volunteering and will continue as Founder, taking a role in educational/research activities and guest speaking worldwide. Beth is a Senior Production Manager at Disney Channels and will work alongside longstanding VFX Chair Louise Hussey of Double Negative). Members of the AWUK network also had the opportunity to catch up with other friends over refreshments, to mark the occasion. At the end of the evening AWUK thanked BAFTA, The BFI, Escape Studios and all of the other organisations and companies for their support over the past 4 years.

Animated Women UK’s aim is “To change the gender landscape by building a vibrant network that facilitates mentoring, knowledge exchange and education resulting in women in Animation and VFX fulfilling their potential.”

Animated Women UK
Animated Women UK

AWUK’s mission is to help celebrate and encourage women across different areas of the industry and at different levels of their careers. They help in many different way and their main aims involve education, recruitment, mentoring, showcasing and networking.

Lindsay said:

Escape studio’s support has been incredible. Their venue was gorgeous and made us feel on top of the world! Having Beth on board along supporting the animation agenda, along with our new Educational Advisor Helen Piercy will allow Animated Women UK to continue to flourish. This, combined with Louise’s continual promotion of gender equality within the VFX community mean that AWUK is set to become the UK’s No.1 go-to organisation for women at every stage of the animation or VFX pipeline, whether entrepreneur, artist, talent, producer, investor, executive, HR, accounts, academic, merchandise or other.”

Beth said:

"Delighted and honoured to be coming on board to this growing organisation. Thank you to Escape Studios for such an amazing event, and what an incredible venue! We have a great deal of exciting events ahead of us, so may this just be one of many, as we celebrate women across the industry and challenge the gender stereotypes we all face on a daily basis."

To get all of the latest news and event information, please visit AWUK website.

Animated Women UK