SideFX releases Brick Wall tutorials, using Houdini 17

SideFX launched Houdini 17 early last month and because of our close relationship with Sidefx prior to the launch the team got in contact with our Head of 3D, Mark Spevick, aka the Houdini wizard and decided to make these introductory tutorials using the newest software.

Many of the destruction scenes you see in the films in the cinema were created by Houdini and these new tutorials have been designed to give you an overview of the software and steps to progress your skills and knowledge so you learn to mimic these effects.

SideFX state that the new update introduces powerful new physical simulation tools such as the Vellum multi-solver for fast cloth, a new organic white water solver and material-based destruction workflows. In addition, significant enhancements can be found in Houdini’s interactive modeling and procedural UV tools, erosion models for terrain, character rigging and animation, a brand new 3ds Max plug-in for Houdini Engine, and much more.”

Mark has worked and taught in the VFX industry for over 18 years and these three tutorials have designed to be challenging and to help users to get the most out of the software. The three tutorials are - off the shelf, under the hood and next steps. ‘Off the shelf’ is for someone who has never seen or used Houdini before, ’Under the hood’ builds on the first with more advanced techniques and ‘Next Steps’ is for experts and shows you techniques on how to add more controls over the artistic look of the shot.

The tutorials will teach users how to smash a brick wall, starting with shelf tools, then open up the node network to add attributes and refine the resulting simulation. Next, users will dive a little deeper and add some bending and more realistic chunking of the bricks to get an even more realistic results.

To follow the tutorials, you can download the SideFX project files which include the brick wall and animated car.

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