Pearson College London Statement on September 2020 term - May update

A message from our Principal

Firstly I would like to congratulate all our students, tutors and support staff for the incredible effort they have made over the last twelve weeks in adapting to the current situation. We could not have managed so well without the professionalism, creativity and kindness of staff and students. It has been tough but inspiring and all of us have learned we are capable of far more that we realised. I thank you.

This statement is for all of our students at Pearson Business School and Escape Studios and shares our current plans for the 2020/21 academic year. It applies to everyone including new and returning students.

The current situation with Covid 19 is changing regularly, and government guidelines are continually evolving, so it is simply not possible to say exactly what the next year will be like.

Within this dynamic context there are nevertheless several things we can say with confidence and certainty. I have set this out as a series of five statements. The first four statements are our commitment to you in creating the most certainty we can:

Statement One

We confirm that teaching will commence in September, in accordance with our term dates for 2020/21 which have already been publishedThis reflects one of our commitments to our students, which is to ensure you have the option to progress your studies within a normal timeframe.

Statement Two

We are equally committed to offering our regular face-to-face campus experience as soon as it is permitted.  We know this is a high priority for most of you. Therefore as soon as we’re allowed to return to our College buildings without the requirement for social distancing measures, we will resume face-to-face teaching and learning. We expect to do so within 10 working days of this being allowed, though the exact timing will depend on health, legal, regulatory and buildings advice.

Statement Three

In the meantime, we will continue to run online which we have been doing successfully since 13 March. This provides a comprehensive student experience and includes teaching and learning, live classes, assessments, student support and advice, talent development, employer events, internships, mentoring and social activities.  

Statement Four 

We also recognise that some of our students may not be able to return to the College in person in this next year, even if social distancing has ended, so we will continue to deliver an online mode throughout the 2020/21 academic year, even when face-to-face teaching recommences. This gives an additional choice to those students who need it. It also means you can continue on the online mode until you have accommodation organised if you need to do so. This also means we can readily switch back to online if we need to do so under government guidelines.

The fifth statement explains how we will handle the more uncertain situation of social distancing.

Statement Five

It is possible that initially we may be able to return to the College, but only with social distancing measures in place. At the moment, it is completely unclear what those requirements would entail, and therefore it is not possible to make any definite plans. Our intention is that we would create a range of face-to-face activities in accordance with what is feasible. Therefore our commitment is to make any decisions in consultation with students and staff, and only where we can create a good student experience that is also permissible and safe. For example, this might include things like meetings, study support, some small group classes, and social events, as well as the use of our campus facilities. These opportunities would be optional, and we will support a model which ensures the safety, wellbeing and comfort of our students and staff.  

Our aim is to support our students to progress, allowing for individual circumstances and any changes in the government guidelines. We want each of you to feel confident that come what may, the College can adapt to the situation, and run online and face-to-face modes. We have a strong community at the College and students, tutors and staff have together responded incredibly well in adapting to the current situation. 

As a boutique institution we are fortunate that we can speak to our students individually and discuss the best way that they can engage with their degree. So if you have any questions please contact  and they will be able to help or put you in contact with the right person to assist with your query.

We look forward to seeing you in September, and wish you and your families and friends the very best over the summer,


Dr Roxanne Stockwell


Pearson College London

Pearson Business School

Escape Studios