The VFX Festival 2015

VFX Festival 2015

It’s back – bigger and better and sure to knock your socks off!

The VFX Festival 2015 from Escape Studios is returning to London, celebrating the success over the last few years in the world of visual effects. Working closely with industry partner’s from around the world (some of the biggest names in the industry y’know), Escape Studios and Pearson College bring you exclusive access to some of the greatest talent with this incredible three-day event.

Kicking off on the 27th January, the Festival has three days of events, tailored specifically to requirements of different VFX users. Day One see’s schools and colleges bring together students who are newcomers to the world of visual effects, giving them hands on experience of what a career in the industry will entail. With an exhibition hub, a detailed introduction to the VFX industry and an exclusive Showcase from Pixomondo, it’s no surprise that all the tickets are already sold out…

Day Two is for the enthusiasts – the guys and girls that have put blood, sweat and tears into studying the art of VFX and are now ready to sink their creative teeth into a career of their own. With an insight into where the Alumni are now (also known as the ‘Escapee’s’), how to obtain a career in VFX and a yet-to-be-revealed games studio presenting an exclusive showcase, this is definitely not a day to be missed.

The final days sees professionals from all over the world come together and share their experiences, lessons learnt and discuss career opportunities with industry experts from Framestore, Cinesite and MPC to name but a few.

With each day completely sold out already, it’s no surprise that the VFX Festival is widely regarded as one of the industry’s biggest events- drawing in students, professionals and eager newbies from across the world. With the chance to socialise, debate and discuss with experts from across all fields of the industry, this gives everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in the electrifying world of visual effects.

We will have an exclusive update on what will be happening at the festival, but in the meantime you can find out more about the VFX Festival and what’s in store here…